Our mission is to create a platform contrary to the fast-fashion ones, where only smaller scale, independent and sustainable designers are present.

We aim to make buying and finding these fashion brands easier since we feel it is still too complicated.


Founded in 2021 with an idea to bring upcoming designers to the awareness of a larger public. FABRI is a curated platform for independent creative fashion designers & brands worldwide.

We bring the designers and brands shaping the fashion industry together under one platform while helping their customers find them.

We want FABRI to be a designer focused platform for smaller, independent & more sustainable brands. Sustainability is important to us, and by supporting local brands you help us to fight fast fashion.  We want you to get to know the brands, read their stories, and explore their previous collections.

We work on giving the designers & brands a platform where they can get their voices heard and showcase their incredible work from anywhere in the world.

Together we are stronger.



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