Our Story…

… one that no existing platform seemed to fully capture. Our journey at FABRI began with a simple observation; across the digital landscapes of Instagram and beyond, we found countless of smaller never-before-seen designers, each with an authentic story reflected in their brand and products and whose unique voices were only heard within their own small circles. These designers, brimming with creativity, were producing limited, one-of-a-kind collections right from their living rooms, with sales often happening quietly through direct messages or small personal websites. Despite their undeniable talent and distinctive styles, they remained largely hidden from a broader audience.

Recognizing the challenge these designers faced in gaining wider exposure and most importantly having a place where they could still maintain their own brand identity, we saw an opportunity not just to represent them, but to create a dedicated space where their artistry could be celebrated and accessed by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. This realization sparked the creation of FABRI, a platform committed to bringing these hidden gems into the spotlight. At FABRI, we are dedicated to preserving each designer’s unique style, ensuring they do not need to conform to a standardized platform aesthetic. In practice, this is achieved by allowing designers to manage their own profiles on FABRI. They choose which visuals and texts to display, instead of us doing it for them. This commitment makes it more personal for consumers to discover and purchase exceptional, locally-made fashion that truly stands out. We believe in fashion that tells a story—a story of creativity and individuality.

What makes FABRI a special place for you, is our three core values that are the most important to us; representing solely emerging talent, commitment to sustainability and connecting people through design.


 What Does Emerging Mean to Us?

At FABRI, we redefine what it means to support emerging designers. Unlike many platforms that cater to relatively established names under the banner of ‘emerging’, we dive into the true beginnings of fashion creation. To us, the word ’emerging’ primarily means those incredibly talented individuals who might be creating their first collections from their kitchen tables, selling exclusively through social media platforms like Instagram, or balancing design with studies or other full-time jobs. Our platform is a home for those who are perhaps creating their initial pieces without significant investment, utilizing a do-it-yourself ethos (DIY), or engaging directly with their communities through personal storytelling and grassroots marketing.

We passionately believe in giving a voice and a venue to designers who are at the very start of their journeys — those who might take breaks to gather inspiration or funds before launching their next limited collection. This approach not only supports these designers in their evolving stages but also offers our customers access to unique, heartfelt creations that they won’t find anywhere else. By choosing FABRI, you’re not just buying fashion; you’re a part of a community that celebrates and elevates the freshest voices in design, supporting their growth and ensuring their stories and designs will be heard and seen.


What Does Sustainability Mean to Us? 

At the heart of FABRI, sustainability isn’t just a concept—it’s a core part of our identity and mission. Here’s how we break it down:

Curated with Care: In our curation process, we look closely at a designer’s commitment to sustainable practices. We know it’s tough for emerging designers at the beginning of their journey to be fully sustainable due to the large resources often required. We’re here to support them, not to hinder them. However, during our research and interviews, we ensure that our designers are conscious about their environmental impact, follow a certain must have criteria of sustainability and are committed to evolving towards full sustainability. No one can be perfect, and there is always room for improvement when it comes to sustainability, but we strive to do our best and support designers as much as we can, together.

Supporting the Emerging: Our existence revolves around being a home for designers who operate on a smaller scale and in our curation process we look for the ones who for example might not yet have a permanent store. Many of our designers produce exclusively in a made-to-order style, shipping directly from their studios to your door. This approach reduces unnecessary carbon emissions and ensures the quickest arrival of your order. Thus, shopping with FABRI means you’re always supporting local, small businesses who produce small batches and are dedicated to slow fashion and not mass production.


Connecting Designers and Consumers

Navigating the world of unique fashion should be straightforward and enjoyable. At FABRI, we simplify this discovery process. By handpicking and supporting these hidden gems, we make it easier for you to find extraordinary fashion items created with soul. We constantly look for ways to give the designers a bigger voice on our platform through their stories, looks and creations. We’re your guide to finding one-of-a-kind wearables that reflect both the artistry and the personal dedication of their creators.

We aim to highlight the journey and creativity of each designer, making every purchase at FABRI a meaningful and conscious choice.


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